Case studies

Several case studies show the application of system view.

In the different examples it is investigated, what is considered as a system, how is the system connected to its environment, what are the input signals and what are the output signals? How can the model of the system be built? What are the requirements set for the system? Which balance and energy considerations have to be applied? Can we control the system? How to control the system?

In the special areas some subsystems are selected which are analyzed in more detail.

CookingDriving a car

In everyday life everybody has some experience how to prepare meals, how to cook, and also about transportation, about the systems in the car. These two systems are discussed in system view including some of their control problems as well intuitively, in an understandable way for everyone.

Energy Production and DistributionOil Refinery

It is easier to answer the above questions in case of human made systems, as these questions do arise and solved in the design and realization of technological systems. Structure and operation of some systems in energy production and distribution and in oil refinery are discussed in this approach.

Systems and Controls in the Human Body

The structure and operation of the living organisms is very complex. We can admire their perfection. The methods of system theory are useful also in understanding, description and analyzing the living systems. We can learn a lot from the control mechanisms, the interactions and the adaptive properties in the living organisms. We can try to apply these also in realization of some technological systems as well. The simple control solutions could be enhanced by intelligent properties.

Medical Systems and Health Education

Medical systems analyze several functions of the human body and can intervene into the operation of the body to cure. In this case the living organism and the medical system interact. Recognizing the harmful effects affecting the human body, preventive health care programs based on system theoretical considerations can be developed and effectively applied.

Economical Systems

Economical systems are very complex, the subsystems are interconnected by complex mechanisms. System theoretical methods are useful in description and analysis of these systems. Exploring the interconnections and system modelling is very essential. The analyzed economical model is a balance model, which is very similar to mass and energy models used for example in description of complex chemical processes. Analysis of dynamical processes in economical systems is very difficult, though some models have been elaborated for such systems as well. The economic processes often rely on self-regulation. To the US economic governance mostly the "laissez faire" (not to interfere) approach is typical, although this is combined also with some intervention. In Europe more interventions are typical, in Eurasia interventions get even greater significance. Then at the other end of the scale is the planned economy ...

Feedback in Education and Upbringing

Feedback is very important also in education and upbringing. Proper evaluation and feedback is essential to the development of students' motivation, it contributes greatly to the joy of learning and success.